Advisory Services

The advisory team at Geraty Investments believes the best transactions and maximum value for a client result from a well-thought-out financial, strategic and business plan – one developed by the client and Geraty experts often over years, certainly not in weeks.

Geraty offers the following advisory services:

Emerging Concepts

Growing an emerging new concept requires a great idea, a great team, and a little luck. It also requires capital and expertise.

Explosive growth can be a dangerous thing, as many emerging companies grow too fast for their organizations to successfully handle. In early stages, emerging companies generally need equity capital rather than bank debt. Finding the right capital partner, however, involves much more than just finding money. The right partner can provide the kind of expertise that comes only from having been down the road many times before.

The Geraty advisory team knows all the most qualified and experienced capital partners, their areas of interest, their investment criteria, their track record and their styles. In doing a “first professional round” capital raise or in selling a controlling interest to a new capital partner, the Geraty advisory team provides its clients with insights and perspectives on potential partners that come only with years of experience and deep industry knowledge.

Geraty Investments generally begins advisory relationships with the development of a Financial Advisory Assessment (FAA) for the company. The FAA scrutinizes the key drivers of long-term value creation including:

  • An overview and review of the industry and capital markets
  • Concept and company review, analysis and benchmarking against other leading public and private brands
  • An assessment of various growth strategies
  • Institutional approaches to valuation over time
  • A review and assessment of ongoing strategic alternatives
  • An ownership analysis showing the FAA’s impact for owners over time.

The FAA is updated and refined and becomes a significant roadmap for driving maximum value for a company and its stakeholders over time. When appropriate, the FAA can be further expanded to include an assessment and critical review of a company’s concept, operations, organization and personnel to support long-term growth.

Established and Mature Concepts

More established businesses have more alternatives. The Geraty advisory team helps these clients identify and evaluate the available financial and strategic alternatives. Often such options include:

  • Going public through an IPO
  • Selling a minority ownership stake to a private equity firm
  • Selling a controlling ownership stake to a private equity firm
  • Entering into a strategic partnership with a large, often public partner to fund expansion
  • Sale of 100% to a strategic or financial acquirer
  • Sale-leaseback of real estate to fund expansion or the buyout of a large shareholder
  • Leveraging the business to fund expansion or the buyout of a large shareholder.

The Geraty advisory team performs extensive, sophisticated financial modeling to evaluate each alternative – providing advice and perspective based on years of experience to help clients arrive at the best decision.

Publicly Held Clients

The Geraty advisory team possesses years of experience in dealing with many issues faced by publicly held clients. These situations and services often include:

  • Fairness opinions in a material purchase or sale transaction
  • Special committee advisory work in going private, or management buyout transactions
  • Takeover defense advisory services
  • Strategic assessment advisory work, potentially leading to
    • Divestitures of non-core operations
    • Restructuring and spin-off transactions.

Valuation and Expert Witness Testimony

The Geraty advisory team has provided fairness opinion work supported by expert witness testimony in federal district court, in U.S. bankruptcy courts, in depositions, and in court-ordered settlement negotiations.

In certain cases the Geraty advisory team has provided valuation opinions for use in tax disputes, divorce litigation, and partner buyout situations. Often a Geraty valuation report is the basis for a negotiated settlement of the issues, saving the time and expense of continued litigation.

Because Geraty is a firm comprised of industry experts who do not accept assignments outside their area of expertise, it can produce highly credible work in a short time frame and can back up opinions under cross-examination as an expert witness if necessary.


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