Business success is not just about the numbers. It’s also about intangibles – a personal relationship, a gut feeling, a human judgment based on past experience.

For over 20 years, David Geraty has used research, access and experience to help restaurant and specialty food retailers and investors discover opportunity. In that time, he’s worked with, and invested in, most of the top restaurant and specialty food retailing companies.

Our firm’s research capability and access to the most successful people and companies in the industry help us recognize promising concepts earlier. Our engagement with these young companies at a formative stage of development enables them to better position themselves for success. Our first-hand knowledge of emerging companies also helps us identify the best opportunities for Geraty investors.

Doing things ethically and with a long-range view is the only way we know. It’s not about expedience, but the patience to find that rare “correct” moment to invest, sell, merge or grow. If you’re a restaurant owner, specialty foods retailer or investor who believes value comes from doing things right over the long run, we hope to establish an ongoing dialogue with you.

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